Amar Sagoo

18 November 2005

Namely 2.0

Finished sooner than expected, Namely 2.0 is now ready for your launching pleasure. The most obvious change is that it has a new, customisable look. I spent many hours (literally) tweaking the matte and shiny shading algorithms and the different colour presets. I hope it caters for the majority of tastes.

It is also smarter about how it orders matches. It will keep track of how often you launch which apps, and will give more frequently used ones precedence in the list. The result should be that you can open many of your favourites with just a single letter.

There are other changes as well, so check out the Read Me file.


  1. I love the program and am happy to support you. I will endeavor to pay something as a donation very soon. It is a great substitute for LaunchBar which is overpriced and over-featured. I would request one additional feature, however and that is the ability to launch documents in the same way that it launches applications. Just a thought.

  2. Thank you very much. Great program, I use it constantly.

  3. Great App.
    Though I concur with David, particularly for the "Search Templates" LaunchBar does: better than widgets for some stuff (looking for an app on Versiontracker for instance)...


  4. Neat app.
    2 suggestions:
    - Would be nice if last search result appeared by default, as it often happens that you may want to re-lauch the last app you used.
    - when changing monitor, the floating window may desappear. I have a laptop which is sometimes connected to an external monitor (not mirrored, higher resolution). Sometimes, when I'm on the road (only laptop), the floating window is nowhere visible...

  5. a great mini application... thanks for all :-D