Amar Sagoo

30 October 2005

Got money lying around?

Although some kind people have offered me money for my software in the past, I never felt accepting it was quite justified, because I was full-time employed and only spent very little time on my products.

Well, starting today, I'll be accepting donations through a link at the top of my website. This is a) because I'm planning to spend more time on my software (within the constraints of my studies), and b) now that I'm a student, I don't mind the extra money so much.

As you may have already noticed, I've put up a pre-release version of Tofu 2.0 which includes PDF support. There are a number of other releases in the pipeline as well: Deep Notes is getting some interface enhancements, I'm looking to improve Namely, and there's a brand new CoreData app for storing software licenses, pending only a name and an icon (if you have an idea less boring than License Manager, let's hear it!)


  1. Could you please produce tagged PDFs? I'm sure you can figure out how to do it from the Apple toolkit.

  2. Hello, I was thinking that Tofu needs a highlight tool, that would be really useful don´t you think?? by the way i am from mexico, and a really big fan user of Tofu because I study Literature that´s why i suggested the highlight tool. thanks and keep doing cool and free software.

  3. I'm already a huge fan of Tofu - it's truly some superb design.

    I've been looking for a text editor that works better for me than pen and paper (as I've been using) since text editors by computer are such a pain to use. I think Tofu would be more than incredibly popular among creative writers if it could just edit text.

    many thanks =).

  4. Amar,

    do you get notified on comments to this post, as it is already a bit out of date?
    I discovered Tofu these days and am completely enthusiastic about it - it is what I am looking for for ages. Thanks a great lot for inventing such a wonderful tool. I write large texts (journalism, a novel) and columns are by far the best viewing option for me. BUT, as another commenter, will s , already mentioned: what we (writing people) would need, would be an editing function. Even the simplest one, just standard text in rtf, would do it perfectly for me. Are you per chance thinking about implementing such a function? And, other idea: What if I (and will s, maybe?) started a donation campain for this implementation? Could we convince you to open your code editor and modify tofu, if there is some useful outcome for you, I mean this abstract stuff what one can convert in (nearly) whatsoever? I would absolutely contribute. Would be great to her what you think about this! If you decide to post something here, please mail to me as well: Thx!
    Und viele GrĂ¼sse aus Berlin, besides!

  5. Hi, I found Deepnotes yesterday and am using it now for outlining my events and characters in my books. Thanks for an effective and free program.


  6. Hi,

    I was looking for a substitute to OmniOutliner, and I find DeepNotes. I think it is a excellent application, very simple and productive, so I going to use them.

    The only problem I have at the moment, is my old files created in OmniOutliner, that I've exported to OPML. It's very important to me read/edit that files. I would like to know if it is possible to provide that feature (import from, and export to OPML) in your application. If not, is there any documentation about the format that you use in DeepNotes? If I have access to some documentation about the format, I could try to develop an application to provide this feature.

  7. Deep Notes is awesome! Simple is better. Thank You.