Amar Sagoo

7 May 2005

Smart Library drops

Ever since Mac OS X came out, I have been missing how the classic Finder used to try to recognise what kind of file you dropped on the system folder and would offer you to move it to the right place automatically, for example Extensions or Conrol Panels.

With new kinds of extensions being introduced in every version of Mac OS X (Preference Panes, Contextual Menu Items, Screen Savers, Widgets, Dictionaries, Image Units), it would be very convenient if we could just drop these on one of the Library folders and let the world’s most advanced operating system handle the details.


  1. It seems like Apple is going in the direction of double-clicking additions to install. Fonts open in Font Book, Screen Savers open the Screen Saver panel, and so on.

    I haven't tried, but would also guess that the Scrren Saver list is a drop target for uninstalled Screen Savers.

    I'm surprised that nobody has come up with a drag and drop-solution (mimicing the old system folder by using an application), as that shouldn't be too hard to code in Cocoa or Apple Script Studio.

  2. Yes, it would be nice if it was a feature built back into the present os x. I had completely forgotten about that! It was great for new adopters to the Mac OS platform as well.