Amar Sagoo

24 April 2005

CSS3 multi-column layout

As you can maybe imagine, I'm quite excited about this. I wonder when WebCore- and Gecko-based browsers will start supporting this. Although I guess adoption by web designers will be scarce until Microsoft gets its act together.


  1. Hi Amar.

    I'd love to see things like this become supported, but I can't help but feel browser developers will concentrate on more pressing matters?

    Still, if Safari lead Dave Hyatt is concentrating on CSS support then perhaps there is hope?

  2. go check the surfin' safari blog. webkit now supports this:

  3. It bugged me so much when I found out that most browsers doesn't support the old 'multicols' html tag anymore... Now we have to wait for an overall CSS3 support to use this kind of layout... :(
    Kind of silly IMO.